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Clinical Research Searches as of

Position Therapy Location Job Code
Dir of Clinical Ops Device Bay Area ANBA
Dir Clinical Research Drug Delivery Bay Area AMBA
CRA II Oncology Bay Area BSBA
CRA, CRA II, Clinical Trial Manager Oncology Bay Area CLBA
CRA Diagnostics Bay Area CDBA
Clinical Project Manager Medical Devices Bay Area CEBA
Sr. CRA, CRA, Medical Director Cardiovascular Bay Area CTBA
CRA Oncology Bay Area GEBA
Clinical Laboratory Director Multiple Bay Area GHBA
Clinical Project Manager Multiple Bay Area GNBA
CRA II, CRA III, Dir Cli Ops Multiple Bay Area IEBA
Clinical Monitor, Dir Clinical Ops Multiple Bay Area JZBA
CRA II Oncology Bay Area KNBA
Dir Cli Res Oncology Bay Area NABA
Clinical Program Mgr Cardiovascular Bay Area NOBA
Assc Dir Project Mgmnt Anti-Infectives Bay Area PABA
Assc Dir Clinical, CRA II Multiple Bay Area PSBA
CRA (2), Sr Mgr Clinical Ops Multiple Bay Area PNBA
Sr CRA, Clinical Research Mgr Cardiovascular, Inflammation Bay Area SSBA
Project Mgr, Clinical Ops CRO Bay Area SCBA
Clinical Research Mgr Multiple Bay Area TEBA
Sr CRA Oncology Bay Area TDBA
CRA (2), Sr CRA Infectious Disease Bay Area VNBA
Asst. PM/PM CNS San Diego AASD
CRA Oncology San Diego CXSD
Clinical Data Specialist Oncology San Diego CISD
Head of Clinical Trials Anti-Infectives San Diego DASD
CRA II Oncology San Diego FESD
CRA Multiple San Diego ILSD
Clinical Trials Manager Multiple San Diego ISSD
Sr. CRA Oncology San Diego SXSD
Clinical Lab Mgr, Clinical Affairs Dir Nephrology San Diego SSSD
CRA Multiple San Diego SASD
Sr CRA Oncology, Infectious Disease San Diego VLSD
Sr. CRA, Clinical Research Mgr Infectious Disease Seattle CSSE
CRA II, Sr Clinical Data Coordinator Multiple Seattle DNSE
Clinical Project Manager Multiple Seattle ISSE
CRA Oncology Seattle LSSE
CRA Oncology Seattle NXSE
Dir Cli Res, CRA II Oncology Seattle SSSE
CRA Oncology, Infectious Disease Seattle XESE
Clinical Data Manager Oncology Seattle ZSSE
Clinical Trials Manager Multiple So CAL IMSC
Clinical Specialist Cardiology So CAL IESC
CRA II, Dir Cli Res Ophthalmology So CAL IALA

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Apply for a Position

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